Welcome to La Finka!

Welcome to La Finka! The land of the free, and the home of the Papo's...

This blessed land has been a starting point for some of the greatest artists and musicians Miami has to offer.

La Finka is a local hotspot in Miami, FL known for it's lavish parties and rock-and-roll culture. The core consists of Rolando Benitez, Andres Correa, and Eddy Herrero, though that doesn't do justice the community that has manifested itself from this sacred land. 


Andres, Roly, and Eddy have been best-friends since childhood. Roly and Eddy went to the same middle-school, were raised in the same neighborhood, and even started a band when they were just 5-years old. Later on Life has molded each of their journeys and allowed them to expand into their own hobbies over time, leading Eddy to move over to the west coast to work in the film industry, while Roly focused his efforts on music and using his connections to become a manager at a well-known studio in Miami which led to him working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

The Core


In 2019 there was a global shift in the atmosphere that reunited the boys. Some say it was the land, others say it was the band, but as far as we're concerned it was something more powerful than any mortal speculation... It was Uni. ("Uni" = The Universe)



Without music La Finka would be just another sacred house floating on land, yet somehow it has attracted a group of some of the most talented artist and musicians to sprout from the earth. From Strictly Commercial to Yung Americans to Legion, the bands that come through these doors are something to see for yourself.

Roly BenitezEddy HerreroLaz Rodriguez6String FernTravis Davis

They say if you're quiet enough at night you can hear the sounds of all of the old Finka musicians playing at the same time.

There's an old saying on the land, "KIG", which stands for "Keep It Going". These words are only spoken to the highest class of society, and serve as a reminder to anyone following their dreams to never give up.

That being said... KIG.


If you would like to help support La Finka, all while showing off your stylish and one-of-a-kind Finka Gear, feel free to explore the site and see if there's something that jumps out to you.  
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